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Split Case Pumps-Horizontal 

Cast iron volute type designed to produce a smooth flow with gradual changes in velocity. It is split along the centre line facilitating easy access to inspect or withdraw the rotating assembly without disturbing the pipe work.
Casing wear rings:
All pumps fitted with easily replaceable wear rings.

The impeller is of the shrouded double entry type, manufactured in bronze or cast iron. After machining, the impeller is hand finished and statically balanced with the pump shaft to ensure smooth running of the rotating parts.

The shaft is made of High-Tensile mild steel, turned and ground, depending on the application.

Shaft Sleeves:
Renewable shaft sleeves are fitted as standard to the D.E.S.C. range. Model K and KL can have these fitted as an extra.

Model K and KL have self-aligning ball bearings fitted. Model D.E.S.C. has heavy-duty ball and roller bearings. All bearings are enclosed and grease packed in housings bolted to the pump casing.
Stuffing Box:
Stuffing boxes may be of the conventional soft-packed type with adjustable glands arranged for either water or grease sealing. Alternatively, if preferred, mechanical seals can be fitted.

The materials mentioned in the Specification are those supplied for pumps dealing with clean water. There is a choice of materials for different applications.

Standard Norma Pumps
Large Norma
Channel Impeller Sewage Pump-series38 
large Channel Impeller Pump-series39
Channel Impeller Pump Series Large As
Submersible Effluent Pumps-series ATL/ATS
Archimedean Screw Pumps-RAP
Split Case Pumps-Horizontal
Split Case Pumps-vertical/horizontal
Propeller Pump
Semi-Axail Electro Submersible Pump
Multi Stage High Pressure Pumps Horizontal/vertical
Hydroplus Booster System Series Hydroplus