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Large Channel Impeller Pump- Series 39

Single-stage channel impeller circulating pumps for pumping low/high viscosity or abrasive media such as mechanically screened effluent and sludges without gas content as well as quench water. Maintenance-friendly process design: Removal of rotor with casing in situ (back pull out).

Capacity        :up to 4800 m3/h
Head              : up to 40 m
Pressure         :up to 10 bar
Temperature    :-20C up to +140C
Revolution       :up to 1770 RPM\
Suction daim   : DN 200-500 

Materials    :Grey cast iron, bronze, spheroid cast iron and stainless steel.
:Horizontal & Vertical A, AL, B, E, H, HL, H with stub shaft, HZ, K, S, SG,
SL, V, VD. 
Impellers  :
Single-channel impeller, two-channel impeller, vortex impeller.

Shaft Seal
:Stuffing Box , Mechanical Seal .


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