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Semi-Axail Electro Submersible Pump 

The series of the submersible semi-axial pumps offer high yields and maximum reliability, assuring delivery of high flow rates of water in non-stopping running with medium and high delivery heads. These pumps are employed for all different uses of water supply, chiefly for water mains, civil, industrial and irrigation use, sea platforms, fire-fighting equipment, pressure rise and so on.

Description of materials 

Suction and delivery support, valve, impeller, diffuser in cast iron G25 (alternatively in bronze UNI B10).
Shaft in chromium-plated steel, alternatively in s/s AISI 420 (on request for particular uses in steel AISI 316)/
Joint cable cover / filler / bolts and screws – spring and valve stern in s/s.
Bush in Davlon 900 (on request in bronze UNI B10).
Impeller ring in rubber (on request in bronze UNI B10).
In the submerged pumps 10” the bushes protecting the shaft are in chromium-plated brass.

Utilization Limits 

Maximum temperature of liquid 25C.
Maximum quantity of sand content in water : 40 g/m3.
Maximum operating time with closed outlet : 4 min.
The performances are according to the Norm ISO 2548, class C.
Connection of pump and motor according to Nema standard.
Allowable changes in voltage at the control panel terminals : 5% V.
Direction of rotation : counterclockwise (facing delivery side).


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