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Single stage volute casing pumps with dimensions and capacities as defined by DIN 24255.  For pumping clean, slightly contaminated/corrosive liquids up to a viscosity of 150 mm2/s without abrasive and solid matter.  Maintenance-friendly process design: Removal of rotor with casing in situ (back pullout).

For duties of approx. 4000 m3/h flanges DN 500/500 are required.  Up to a duty of approx. 500m3/h (pump flanges DN200/150) the pumps are also available in space-saving bloc design “Ritzbloc”, resp. type Norma-Compact.

Norma pumps are designed to handle media
- which are clean or slightly abrasive
- having temperature up to 140C
- with viscosities not exceeding 150mm2/s (cSt)
- which can easily be pumped.
Special materials upon request.
All pumps available for 50/60 Hz.

Capacity       : up to 600 m3/h
Head            : up to 100m
Pressure       : up to 16 bar
Temperature  : -20C up to +140C
Diameter       :DN 32-150


Materials   : Grey cast iron, bronze, spheroidal cast iron, stainless steel.
Mounting   : Arrangements Horziontal and vertical : A,E,S,V,VD,VDK.
Impellers   : Radial impeller, or, for special applications, with multi-channel or vortex impellers.
Shaft Seal : Mechanical seal, packed gland.


Standard Norma Pumps
Large Norma
Channel Impeller Sewage Pump-series38 
large Channel Impeller Pump-series39
Channel Impeller Pump Series Large As
Submersible Effluent Pumps-series ATL/ATS
Archimedean Screw Pumps-RAP
Split Case Pumps-Horizontal
Split Case Pumps-vertical/horizontal
Propeller Pump
Semi-Axail Electro Submersible Pump
Multi Stage High Pressure Pumps Horizontal/vertical
Hydroplus Booster System Series Hydroplus